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Space Week - 1st -5th October 2018

St. Kilian's Junior School registered a week long space event on for Spaceweek. We planned a week of activities based on the theme "The Sun in Space". All classes learned about the importance of the sun in our solar system and about all the planets that revolve around the sun. We developed a powerpoint presentation with facts about the sun and watched short videos on youtube. We sang songs about the sun and watched several interactive stories about the sun in our solar system. Our younger pupils loved blasting off into space during PE and walking on the moon.

We applied to The Tara Sun Project who will send us our unique picture of the Sun, taken by their TARA telescope network.
The picture will have a time tag of when the image was taken – meaning the image will be unique to our school.
How? To take an image means capturing photons (particles of light) with a camera. The photons in the image are captured there forever and cannot be sent back out into the universe and no other camera can capture the exact same photons as our image. We will display the image in the hall beside our photo of the moon from last year.

We hosted a whole school competition based on our themes, a winner was chosen from each class by their teacher and they presented their work at assembly where Ms.Sweeney presented them with a prize and a space certificate. See photos below.

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