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Board of Management:
Our school is governed by our Board of Management. The day to day running of the school is carried out by the principal and her management team, and it is the role of the board to advise, consult and support school management and to ensure that the school is operated according to agreed policies, guidelines and directives.
The Patron of St.Kilian's Junior School is the Archbishop of Dublin.

The educational progress and the wefare of the pupils is the overriding consideration in all decisions arrived at by the Board.
The Board of Management has a duty of care for the children attending the school. It must ensure the St.Kilian's JNS is a good learning environment which is safe for both pupils and teachers. Other areas for which the Board is responsible include:
* communication
* maintenance and running costs of the school
* funding/allocation of monies/accounting/ budgeting
* grants
* insurance
* appointment of teachers and all school staff
* use of school premises
* correspondence
* forward planning

Department of Education GDPR

The following policies have been developed
by staff and Board of Management.
Click on the links below to view policies:
- Multicultural Integration Policy
- Safety of Teachers/Employees Policy
- Anti-Bullying Policy
- Substance Abuse Policy
- Critical Incident Policy
Our Story
Our school was founded in 1979, the founding staff of two teachers, Principal Martin Molamphy and Vice Principal Kathleen Carroll spent the first four months of the school's life in St.Kevin's Primary School, Kilnamanagh as they and their 67 students awaited the completion of the new school building. They moved in in January 1980. The building's design was based on a St. Brigid's cross, having a square at it's centre and four corridors radiating from it.
Rising pupil numbers saw the opening of the Senior School in 1986 with Garrett Edge as principal.
When Mr. Molamphy retired in 1997, a serving member of staff Kate Sweeney, was appointed Junior School Principal.
Since then there have been a number of changes in our school and most of these reflect the changing face of irish schools and society in the 21st century. Four of our fifteen teacher staff now work as a team in support and resource roles.
We have always been lucky in St.Kilian's with regard to our ancillary staff. Our secretary TrĂ­ona Timmins (a.k.a. the tooth fairy) and Paul Owens, caretaker to both schools, along with our seven special needs assistants all help to make our school a holistic community in which local children are educated.

Staff Allocation 2018-19
Principal - Kate Sweeney
Junior Infants
Room 1:Ms. E.Bradley Room 2:Ms. Egan
Room 3: Ms.W.Bradley
Senior Infants
Room 5:Ms.Ronan  Room 6:Ms.Gillespie
First Class
Room 9:Ms.Magee    Room 10:Ms.Henry
Room 11:Ms.Monds
Second Class
Room 15:Ms.Holmes Room 16: Ms.Lehane
Ms.Coll   Ms.McCarthy Ms.Lagan  Ms.Carrick

Special Needs Assistants:
Joan O'Sullivan
Denise O'Brien
Rita Cassidy
Pamela Larkin
Caroline Murphy
Georgina Fitzsimons
Lorraine Murray
Jackie Bonner
Secretary: Triona Timmins    
Caretaker: Paul Owens
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