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Active News Update

The school year 2019/20 is a big year for St Kilian’s JNS as we are working towards achieving our second Active School Flag.  We started work last year putting a variety of initiatives in place and will be working with the children and yourselves this year to complete our application and make St Kilian’s even more active!!

All classes and staff have signed the Commitment to be more active!

As part of the ASF initiative, all classes, after the mid-term break will begin to receive PE homework once a week.  

Physical Activity

We have set up a timetable for children to take turns in bringing out sports equipment to be used at break time.  

Our playground game for the month for October is ‘Dusty Bluebells’.  Each month the children will learn a new playground game that they can play during yard time as well as at home.

So far this year, we’ve been very active.  During September we had our Health and Well-being week in which the children were involved in lots of activities including soccer, cricket, rugby as well as a whole school walk to the park and back. See our Health and Wellbeing page for details.

Maths Week (14 – 18th October) saw all classes conducting a maths trail inside and outside the school.  Next week we will have a Halloween Parade.

We are planning lots more activities, over the next few months, and will keep you posted!


Each class has appointed 2 children to the Active Schools Committee and we’ve had our first meeting.  The committee will work on suggestions for a new Active Flag slogan, PE homework, playground games and equipment for the yard along with other projects throughout the year.

Active School Week

Our Active School Week will take place during the week of 27th April 2020.  We would love to hear from any parents who are involved in local sports, and would be willing to coach the children on one of those days.

In the meantime feel free to visit and click on 'Resources' and then on 'Partnerships' to find out ways that you can help your child be active at home!

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